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About Us

Alias Hire is proud to bring you Alias Presents. Presents deals with everything to do with production and streaming under the Alias name. This includes facilitating live streams to online video platforms such as Youtube and Facebook, photographic and video shoots in our in-house Studio and also filming and editing productions using Alias kit and crew.

Alias Presents has grown over the years. We launched it to manage our live streaming services, but since we added the in-house studio to our repertoire, we now include photographic and video production under the Presents arm.

When you choose our live streaming production service, we can tailor to suit your needs. We can provide the filming equipment, crew and state of the art streaming device so you know your event will be able to be enjoyed by thousands via the internet. We can build packages to fit the right budget and requirements that you as a client desire.

We have provided live streams for sporting events, music concerts and gigs and online shows. When you use our services, you can choose from various levels of support and equipment. From full service with kit and crew, to just the streaming device itself so you can manage your own production.

Using our LiveU LU400 streaming box, designed for news and event streaming around the World using mobile Sim Cards, we can stream your event from almost anywhere. The LiveU LU400 sends its signal concurrently across multiple channels including various mobile data providers, a wifi connection and even a LAN connection. By transmitting over multiple signals, the chance of losing your stream is greatly reduced because if one signal drops, the others all pick up the slack. We choose LiveU as our streaming device of choice because it’s one of the most trusted streaming device manufacturers in the World, used by News companies and Sports broadcasters all over.

Live from The Bedroom Bar

Live from The Bedroom Bar, a fantastic live music venue based in Rivington Street, Shoreditch. We streamed their open mic night highlighting some amazing new musical talent to our own Alias Presents page as a demonstration of the usability of Live U. Just one single camera, simple set up and looked amazing!

Mel C at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Alias Presents was asked to provide a live stream to go to YouTube Live for a full gig from The Shepherd’s Bush Empire for Spice Girl and solo artist Melanie C.

Stormzy at Brixton 02 Academy

Alias Presents streamed live from the Brixton 02 Academy for Stormzy. The whole gig was live on YouTube with thousands all over the world treated to this premier Grime artist’s show.

Champions League Final

We came Live from Cardiff on the day of Champions League Final 2017 on behalf of Skrill, an electronic payment solutions brand who were giving away signed shirts from Real Madrid and Juventus.  The stream was on Facebook Live.

Live from The Crystal Maze

We streamed live from The Crystal Maze onto Facebook Live on behalf of Skrill, an electronic payment solutions brand.

Live U

Alias Hire had been investigating the various products of mobile SIM based products for a few years prior to when we purchased our Live U (LU-400) device in 2015.

It wasn’t a product or even service that was on radar in particular but we understood the amazing possibilities it could offer from the first time we saw the options that were around at that time. Sadly, for those precise times, the UK had not even had 4G connectivity so it was a pure case of “what if?” back then.

However, Alias Hire has always looked at what’s coming around the corner in terms of related products to what we can supply, and once the adverts starring Kevin Bacon for one of the UK’s largest mobile phone operators started hitting our screens, we knew we had to have another look at what the possibilities could be. 4G offering upload speeds higher than most HD TV channels are receiving to our own televisions? ‘We’ll have some of that,’ we thought!

So why Live U for Alias Hire, as opposed to many other options that are on the market? For us, the choice came down to simply opting for the market leader. There were many options for us to choose, but Live U hold the patent for the technology and is the market leader in the UK as well as globally so in the end, the decision as to what we should opt for was already made for us. And it was a great decision as far as we’re concerned. We have hired to newsgatherers who already own Live U products in the UK and Europe and every time there is a major national event; for example, EU Referendum and General Elections, we can be sure that our Live U LU-400 will be in demand.

Though Live U developed the technology with newsgathering in mind, we have found the most consistent – and dare I say the most exciting use – has been that for live streaming. To date, Alias Hire has streamed live football matches for Tottenham Hotspur; we have streamed concerts for artists such as Melanie C and Stormzy, as well many Facebook Live and YouTube Live events for charities, conferences, cultural festivals, awards ceremonies and whole lot more besides.

IP video streaming is not just the future of live transmission, its happening right now – left, right, and centre.

The reasons are obvious of course; there’s no financial justification for a live OB and all the costs that entails if the viewer numbers are not likely to be in the millions (let’s face it, even the hundreds of thousands), but if there’s a strong, dedicated audience – which of course for football matches and high profile music events there clearly are and always will be – then why not adopt the streaming option?

Of course, I’m biased, but I can tell you that even with a vision mixer, multi cameras and the operators on top of the cost of the Live U (and the data from the SIM cards), its perfectly possible to have a full scale live event that lasts a for a few hours for around £2,000/£3,000. A traditional OB van with a satellite link on its own would be far more than that. And of course, video platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live will, in almost all cases, allow the stream via their players for absolutely free.

Another reason to adopt this technology for an event is that the viewers themselves are far more accustomed to watching via digital platform than ever before. We all stream live content and we all watch live content, so the familiarity of watching via YouTube or Facebook is akin to watching BBC, ITV, Sky, etc. So for the vast majority of the views, it makes no difference how they’re watching what they want to watch as long as they are watching it.