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About Us

Alias Hire is proud to bring you Alias Presents. Presents deals with everything to do with production and streaming under the Alias name. This includes facilitating live streams to online video platforms such as Youtube and Facebook, photographic and video shoots in our in-house Studio and also filming and editing productions using Alias kit and crew.

Alias Presents has grown over the years. We launched it to manage our live streaming services, but since we added the in-house studio to our repertoire, we now include photographic and video production under the Presents arm.

When you choose our live streaming production service, we can tailor to suit your needs. We can provide the filming equipment, crew and state of the art streaming device so you know your event will be able to be enjoyed by thousands via the internet. We can build packages to fit the right budget and requirements that you as a client desire.

We have provided live streams for sporting events, music concerts and gigs and online shows. When you use our services, you can choose from various levels of support and equipment. From full service with kit and crew, to just the streaming device itself so you can manage your own production.

Using our LiveU LU400 streaming box, designed for news and event streaming around the World using mobile Sim Cards, we can stream your event from almost anywhere. The LiveU LU400 sends its signal concurrently across multiple channels including various mobile data providers, a wifi connection and even a LAN connection. By transmitting over multiple signals, the chance of losing your stream is greatly reduced because if one signal drops, the others all pick up the slack. We choose LiveU as our streaming device of choice because it’s one of the most trusted streaming device manufacturers in the World, used by News companies and Sports broadcasters all over.